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Vertigo (3 years of Kamakhya Records)

by EquilibriuM

Good Driver 09:42
Echoes 09:36


Composed by David CinderVomit and Mike Dirk Ekimskird (EquilibriuM)
Mastering by Oblium at Optinervear Studio
Artwork by Swaroop Guhathakurta at Sanathana Music Studio
.....Here is a legend that tells of two visionary Sherpa who set out in conquest of the Holy Mountain of Transcendental Bliss sometime around 7000 B.C... The two brave and mysterious Sherpas brought with them nothing but the clothing they wore and little else in the way of provisions for the long trip. Guided by the calling alone, the two climbed the Holy Mountain with great effort and equally great hunger.

That is until halfway on the ascent they happened upon patches of wild mushrooms sprouting with every color imaginable and even some colors that have yet to be named. These mushrooms defied the description of any known mushroom in the natural world. They grew in indescribable shapes and sizes and all flowed with an alien fluorescence unseen before by the human eye.

The two Sherpas feasted upon the magical mushrooms and once more set out on their quest. After seven more days of arduous climbing, but bolstered by the fungi, they reached the summit of the Holy Mountain. It was only then, the pair realized their skin had taken on the same perplexing, beautiful, vibrant, fluorescent colors of the mushrooms they had eaten. As they pondered this phenomenon an overwhelming bright light began to encompass both Sherpa, yet still, they were not afraid. Before our two intrepid Sherpas could ascertain the meaning of the blinding light, they were lifted from their feet and gently floated a mile into the sky and awoke aboard an Alien Mothership.

Now in the depths of immense confusion, the two began to debate whether these were simple hallucinations they were suffering; perhaps the mushrooms had been poison? Yet, before this discussion could be bedded, the two travelers heard a voice of pure psychedelic bliss coming from what could only be the voice of the legendary intergalactic psychedelic Walrus named Pearl. The Walrus told the two Sherpa that it was not the Holy Mountain of Transcendental Bliss they must seek, but instead the fungi that had given them the ability to transcend language, space, and time. Pearl then told the Sherpas that their true quest would for now and ever be to share the wisdom of these alien fungi with the masses by way of music. The Sherpas knew instantly what they must do and before they could thank the ancient Walrus for her wisdom and glory; they once more blinked to find themselves tumbling down the Holy Mountain of Transcendental Bliss. And so it began, their work to unite Earth’s species through the art of the trance dance experience.

Today, you can find these two (long since retired Sherpas) bringing psychedelic wonders to the eardrums of all those who hear the calling and might venture to seek the Holy Mountain. EquilibriuM is the name for which these two brave travelers of space, time, confusion, and the mind have given to this noblest of ventures. So if you my friend feel the call to seek the Holy Mountain of Transcendental Bliss; seek no further than the answers of EquilibriuM.


released February 20, 2020

All proceeds from sales will go to the Lynti Khasi School of Umsawwar – a small remote village of farmers & shepherds located in Meghalaya, Northeast India- to help better its infrastructure and much more including funding the higher studies of the pass-outs of Lynti Khasi School. The Lynti Khasi School, with its bare basic facilities, is trying really hard not only to educate the children of Umsawwar but to also strike a balance between education & the centuries-old traditional livelihood of the community where the children help their parents in the daily chores of rearing and farming.


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